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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 3, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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. the giants, are -- in the national league west. let the party begin. >> they are partying all right. with that the giants win the division for the first time in seven years. we will go live to a very excited park. >> other news another assault against a woman in an apartment complex. what police are say about the latest attack. >> intelligence reports prompt the white house to issue a warning to americaning
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traveling overseas. >> and pot and politics in the east bay. why two candidates for mayor were at a marijuana growing store. >> complete bay area news coverage starts rights now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. the san francisco giants are now the national league west champions. that's after a growling series against the san diego padres. leading up to the big win was quite an ordeal for giant's fans. about all of san francisco giants fans can say right now is what a relief. we are live where fans finally getting to celebrate. >> reporter: this is an excited group of fans right here getting to round the bases on the day the giants won the west. after 9 final out the players rounded the field to celebrate
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with the fans. not since 2003 have the giants and their fans reached the postseason. >> this it fabulous. >> this great. i have been waiting for this a long time. >> it had to come down to the last game of the season but comes with style. >> reporter: getting here wasn't easy. >> smile -- it's crazy. >> reporter: this was the team's third chance to win the west offer the padresful after two straight losses fans were getting nervous. >> nervewracked to the brim. nothing you can do. got to stay positive and rock and roll. that's why we grew these beards. >> reporter: before the game the bench coach said fans need not worry about the team. >> you talk about movement and all that type of stuff we know what's at stake. we weren't happen -- the guys
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aren't tight. >> reporter: the former pitcher who said he wished he could be back on the mound said the team was ready. >> they are upset you know and you take that energy and you go out between the lines and you go for it man. you play hard and have fun. >> reporter: rob schneider also had faith. >> why shouldn't they go down to the last day? >> back here live out at the field at at&t park where the fan was still getting a chance to come around the bases. loving every minute of this. i can tell you this big win means they will host the braves on thursday right here in san francisco and these orange rally rags will be in handy. live in san francisco. ktvu channel 2news. >> taejon. we will have more from the ball field and will hear from mark ibanez in a little bit and player reaction to the giant's winning the national league
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west title. fear has returned to an apartment complex near walnut creek after another sexual assault, the 5th since june. tonight sheriff's officials releasing new information about the suspect's description. christian is live with more. >> reporter: if you take a look over my shoulder i may be able to see a pair of security guards here at the park regency apartments. women don't feel secure. many said they wanted to leave and now they are saying the complex won't let them move out. the latest attempted assault at this apartment complex happened saturday at 6:45 in the evening. sheriff's deputies say a 43- year-old was grabbed by a man who tried to force her into her own apartment to assault her. deputies say the woman fought her way free but injured herself falling down stairs as she made her escape. the suspect has not been caught
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or identitied but the victim said she a white man about 5'9'', with a medium build and facial hair. the attempted assault was the 5th similar crime since june. women say they are living in fear inside the apartments. >> if you open the window i live on the first floor and everybody can get in. my son would open the door anybody would knock and he just four years old and i'm really scared. >> reporter: police arrested a 22-year-old on august 10th saying dna ties him to the first three attacks. he has pled not guilty. women say it appears the latest may have been inspired to continue the crime spree. >> you find out and then like okay, this guy, you know, i will take advantage of it and start doing this and let's see if you can catch me. that's like a game. >> reporter: many of the women we saw were carrying pepper spray or some type of personal defense.
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all of them say they are considering leaving. >> everybod-- my neighbors, all the girls concerned. we are just thinking about solutions like moving out maybe. >> reporter: cassie said she wants to move out immediately but told me the apartment manager said if she does she will be charged $3,800 for breaking her lease. >> they won't let me out. they said as of the 4th incident they won't let anyone out without paying anything. >> reporter: a manager declined to comment about the policy. several tenants say they will fight the fee but they are moving out month matter what. >> i'm leaving friday. they can take us to court for my money if they want. i'm not staying here. >> reporter: investigators are trying to see if this latest attempted assault is tied to the last one here that happened on september 16th. there are some similarities between the descriptions of the suspects in the cases. we are live in walnut creek.
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ktvu channel 2news. >> an hour and a half long high speed chase overnight ended a kidnapping suspect jumping from a penninsula overpass. it all started about 10:30 in san jose. the 26-year-old kidnapped his 25-year-old ex-girlfriend and their 11-month-old old daughter forcing them into his truck. he continued driving north on highway 101 before turning suggestion onto highway 280. he then stopped, threatened his former girlfriend and jumped to the pavement below. the woman and her baby were not hurt . today the state department issued a travel alert for americans in europe to take precautions over a possible terrorist attack. we are at san francisco airport to see how it's affecting
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international passengers. >> reporter: good evening. the only airport in the bay area that has direct flights to europe. this is the state department's alert warning all united states citizens to take precautions while traveling. as planes bring travelers home from britain and beyond plenty of flights also heading back across the atlantic today, packed with passengers to europe, despite the terror alert. >> people shouldn't be afraid to travel. if we give into fear aren't we letting them win? >> reporter: the travel alert warning that al-qaeda continue to plan terrorist attacks and adds citizens are reminded of the possibility for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist structures. experts have been worried about
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an attack similar to the one in india late 2008 that targeted tourist hot spots and left 160 people dead. now experts say britain, germany or france could be the focus of an attack. bomb threats have forced vacant evacuations . got knows there is a threat. it's an increasing problem and what they want to do is protect themselves if they warn you. we don't -- we aren't hearing specific information about targets, location, timing or any -- really important advice. >> reporter: travel through sf appear unaffected. >> the passenger numbers fairly typical for average. >> you could be run over by a car in the street. you could be hurt any place. what are you worried about just
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traveling. i will be caution and watch where i'm traveling to but other than that i think nothing else to be worried about. >> reporter: the state department is urging all travelers to register online to get help or information necessary to make it easy for you we put that information on just click on web links at the bottom of the page. >> bay area fire agencies are urging everybody to consider fire safety as fire prevention week gets started today. this year's focus is on the value of smoke detectors. detectors. smoke alarm increases your chance of survive alabi 50%. they should be put in on every level of your home. you should. >> one thing in favor of firefighters the cooler than
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normal weather. cooler temperatures -- mark is here now with your first look at forecast. >> reporter: double digit cooldown with temperatures today compared to yesterday's highs. still tracking a few rain showers. few sprinkles, right now most the activity to the south and to the east and we still have lower clouds developing off shore, also pushing back no the bay. current numbers, you can see chilly, santa rosa 60 degrees. san jose 68 and concord 66 degrees. the plan in the short term, here say look at the fog on the increase moving in to san francisco and into the bay. it'll be a factor in the short term with temperatures fromma ronde 54 for the coastline, temperatures inland on either side of 60 degrees. spot forecast for walnut creek first thing tomorrow, scattered clouds, 56 degrees. by 12:00 64, afternoon high of 72 degrees. here is the look at the rainfall forecast model. not a lot to show you offer the bay area right now but that
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could be a different story for at least part of the state was we head into monday. we will look at forecast in the full forecast in just a little bit. > giant's weather soon to. more to come on the news at five. the governor signs off on a new law that could make it easier to redevelop a decaying stretch of the waterfront. >> and a east bay business that calls itself a pot super store drew a crowd today. that crowd included two candidates for mayor. >> the high speed rail project could get another boost from the federal government. >> and the connection to al- qaeda with the fighting in somalia.
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. a fuel spill in the south by is causing headaches for firefighters and clean up crews. it started saturday evening.
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that's when someone noticed a holding taken on top of the building was leaking diesel. the tank holds fuel for a back up generator. act 1300 gallons spilled. some of which went in to the sewer system. clean up efforts are expected to continue tomorrow. >> the governor signed a bill aimed to help secure financing for the waterfront. the bill allows the city to set up a special financing district. this district would be authorized to use tax money to pay for improvements to the pier70 area, about 65 acres at mission bay. the plan includes new parks, a new section of the bay trail and continued use of the facilities there for ship building. a film maker george lucas wants to build a new state-of- the-art studio. he wants 187 acres of the
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former military base. the vallejo city council is expected to take a final croton the project later this month. plans for a cancer research center and expansion of the university on this sa site were canceled because of financial difficults. >> growing pot is apparently so accepted in oakland that today two mayor candidates spoke at the reopening of a so- called marijuana super store. the former i-grow store is changed to we grow. the rebranding was grounds for celebration and among those on hand were two candidates. >> this is a very progressive community in its politics. we haven't had any real problem in convincing people it's about pain management, prosperity, if it benefits our economy great. >> reporter: the we grow store claims to have 60,000 square feet dedicated to products for farmers. owners say they franchise the store in 75 locations across
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the country. a safeway store in oakland will host a mammogram clinic this week. it'll run from nine to three tuesday at the store at 3550 fruitvale avenue. they are by appointment and most will cost about $80. results will be sent to patients and doctors with in two to three weeks. >> coming up, tomorrow's opening session of the united states supreme court is blessed by a religious ceremony. which justice as tended. >> the afghanistan president carries through on a threat. why the united states is concerned next on the news of the world. >> and the united states putting on the pressure to fix the broken peace talks in the middle east. the latest. q
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kneer. the vice president and five members of the united states supreme court attended a religious ceremony. its been a tradition for 57 years. four catholic justices include the chief justice attended as. the new court will have three women. >> suspected militants in pakistan attacked and set fire to at least 20 oil tankers in
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route to united states troops in afghanistan. it's the such attack since friday. pakistan's former president thinks he can help. he wants to return to office. amy kellogg. >> reporter: there has been rising tension between washington and pakistan. they closed an important border closing to nato convery because of a strike on a post near afghanistan. the army has expressed discontent. inflation and poverty are on the rice. the president angered many when he spent time overseas while devastating floods destroyed the homes of millions. against this backdrop and with domestic terrorism continues to rattle the state former pakistan president has come from the shadows and announced he wants to go back to politics. >> the possibility of
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correcting the situation, freeing pakistan lies in creating a force which unifies the forces, the military, the armed forces of pakistan and the government. >> reporter: he has starteddous hundred party and said he wants to return to pakistan before the next election. he took power in a bloodless coup in 1999. he has been in self-imposed exxile since 2008. he was president bush's ally siting terror after 9/11 1 something that cost him support. he is still committed to the fight in afghanistan and said if the taliban wins the war extremist around the world will get stronger. he has this advice. >> it could be doing bester by showing resolve and not fixing
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deadlines, datelines because that encourages the enemy. it increases their resolve. >> reporter: he believes that pakistan has lost faith in the government. whether or not he is the person to restore that faith remains to be seen. he was forced out of power but given the chaos in the country he may be the strong man they want back. in london. amy kellogg. >> in other news of the world tonight afghanistan's president has started to get rid of private security firms. he wants afghanistan's own police and military to take over routine security. several contractors are now banned including blackwater. the united states didn't fight the plan but suggested the timetable was unrealistic.
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? in somalia progovernment troops continue to fight against rebel forces aligned with al-qaeda. at least nine died today. troops managed to capture several positions but militants still control much of the southern part of the african country. the capitol is becoming a deserted city. during the past few years 400,000 people have left to escape the fighting. in brazil the country is getting closer to electing it's first female president. voters stood in long lines to cast ballots. a poll showed the candidate ahead with 51% of the votes today. it's to close to tell if she can avoid a run off. the 62-year-old former marxist is the hand picked successor of the president. >> today israeli police killed a man looking for work after he breached a suicide bomb barrier between the west bank and
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jerusalem. the united states is pressuring israel to stop building in the west bank. >> reporter: things rather bleak here. i talked to high level sources on both sides. we will start with the palestine ans first. they said they aren't returning to the negotiating table until israel totally stops settlement construction on the west bank. they said israel has a choice, either settlements or peace. the high level israeli also said it was black and white. essentially no platter how much international pressure is put on them they aren't going to totally stop construction. they are giving themselves wiggle room for some type of agreement curtailing building but not stopping it. the officials call this a gray answer to the question that would help the settlers and the palestine an's. the issue are these large settlements on the west bank
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that palestine wants. israel agreed to a freeze but when it expired they started building again and that's what talks broke down. while there are no high level direct talks both sides are still talking with mediators. senator mitchell has been spending hours with both sides trying to bring everybody to a solution. this marks the end of the holiday season here and if you look at the two papers as everybody has gotten back to work today both of the main papers talk about how internal political pressure has started to get to the prime minister and that might encourage him to change his position on the settlements. fox news. >> still ahead, california's high speed rail project gets more money from washington but there is concern it's not
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enough and taxpayer also be stuck with the tab. in washington with a story coming up. >> fremont officials ask for the public's help in deciding what to do with hundreds of acres of land. >> and one of the biggest bank bailout is over but analysts disagree if it was effective. >> floodwaters receding as another storm system bears down on the east coast.
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. took over a part of the old numi auto plant but they are
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looking to the future of the rest the area. tessla is expected only to employ a thousand workers. tomorrow fremont will hold the first of three public workshops on the future of the 800 acres. city planners are considering a number of zone changes including plans for high density housing near the warm spring's bart station. officials with the california high speed rail project will learn later this week if the project will get another billion dollars in funding. the project received almost $200 million in federal stimulus funding last week but some supporters and opponents warn that futures federal funding may be in doubt. >> reporter: the project that promises month bring faster, cleaner travel to the bay area just got $194 million richer when the california high speed rail authority got more stimulus money to get
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construction on track. taxes onto the 1 pointl $85 billion they got in the first stimulus round and it's full speed ahead right? maybe not according to cal trans head of rail. >> biggest issue as we go forward is going to be the money issue. >> reporter: he was in washington to meet with officials to ensure that uncle sam keeps cash coming. though california voters in 2008 approved a measure that provides more than nine billion dollars in state funding the project needs the government to pony up double that and state transportation officials getting nervous. >> we are looking at a federal government that's becoming more and more concerned about the deficit situation, california's budget situation is quite tight and constrained right now. >> reporter: even the new ceo of the state high speed rail authority told a club that without great commitment from washington the project won't happen.
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critics warn that counting on the feds could come at great taxpayer expense. once you get a project going with some of this federal bribe money the feds pull the rug out and suddenly it's the state and local taxpayers stuck with the ongoing and permanent live. >> reporter: the california high speed rail authority put in for another federal grant last month for one billion dollars. it's expected to find out next week if it gets anymore money. even if it gets the entire amount there is still 15 or $16 billion it wants washington to give and will no guarantee it'll happen. in washington, ktvu channel 2news. >> today marks etched of the economic bailout program known as tarp. president bush signed the package in 2008. it was first intended to buy the so-called toxic assets of banks. some say it saved the nation and the world from an economic
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depression but the man in charge of auditing tarp said it just made banks bigger without financial reform there is will be another financial crisis. a vigil set for tonight in new jersey to remember a student who killed himself after a sex all encounter with another man was streamed live on the internet. the vigil is the latest a series of memorials for the 18- year-old freshman. prosecutors say his roommate and another student used a web camera to broadcast the images. clemente jumped off the george washington bridge. >> when we return india has cleaned up its capitol ahead of a major supporting event but the poor accuse the government of pushing them aside. the story coming up. >> and clouds, even a few rain drops today. more changes could be on the way. mark is working on your
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complete bay area forecast.
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. the flood waters in town of windsor north carolina are slowly receding tonight. this after ten inches of rain fell over the last two days. 200 homes were flooded. the town was founded in 1768 and last flooded in 1999 when 9 water was three feet higher than it is now. >> in ten years we have had two 500 year floods in one -- that makes us 1,000 years old. >> the storm that hit dumped heavy rain from the carolina's to new york killing seven
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people across the area. another major storm system is expected to hit tomorrow. >> few rain drops in someplaces. let's check in with mark. >> few sprinkles across parts of the area this morning. for the most part we had lower clouds and higher clouds. most of the shower activity has been outside the bay area toll south and to the east. right now the maps i can show you a lot of clouds and the lower clouds hugging the coastline. higher clouds. we could be talking about rain showers and snow showers lake tahoe. could becoming down to around 7500 to 8,000 feet. make a bit of a dusting for the higher peaks of the sierra. back here we have a few higher clouds and dense fog already rolling in to the bay for pacifica to daily city. a look outside across the bay you can see breaks in that low overcast. right now san francisco checking in with 60 degrees. we cooled off today.
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most locations only in the 60s and lower 70's. weather story is this, more clouds overnight. it'll be windy for tomorrow. increase in the wind speeds, extended forecast, let's stick with the partly cloudy theme over the next few days. rain from upper 50s to around 60. only. around 72 to 73 degrees. here is all the active weather across the state. you can see few sprinkles rolling through the bay area earlier this morning. most of the action out to the east. there is another system developing out here in the pacific and this will be the main factor into monday, tuesday and wednesday keeping the temperatures on the cool side mainly in the 60's and 0's and this will be the source of the gusty winds for tomorrow. could be approaching 30 miles an hour and this will also generate the rain and snow showers over the next few days especially for monday night and tuesday. as far as the forecast model showing you the rainfall. not a loto show you.
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we will take this into monday and maybe a few sprinkles right around monterey bay with the most of the action to the east of the area there. is a slight chance of a north bay sprinkle, targeting solano up toward napa. only a minimal chance. that would be for late tomorrow afternoon into the evening. for tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudly. into the afternoon partly cloudy. temperature around 60. warmest locations, no triple digits, no 90s or 80s. warmest location around 73 degrees. you can see a few of those for santa rosa, fairfield. oakland around 68. livermore in the lower 70s. just last wednesday we were talking about triple digit heat. san jose around 70. morgan hill 73 and gilroy 72. more neighborhoods in the mid60s. here is a look ahead. the five-day forecast. few extra clouds for tuesday.
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temperatures warming up a few degrees as well and then cooling off under partly sunny skies for wednesday and thursday and then fair skies in to friday. maybe a few people wondering about the weather for thursday. giants game and could be a day like today with partly sunny, temperatures mainly in the low 60's. strange to be talking about playoffs in the bay area but that's the case. >> it's a good thing to be talking about. >> very happy about that. >> india's capitol kicked off a international sport's competition today. the commonwealth games in an effort of -- many of the poor have been pushed off into the shadows. >> reporter: new metro lines, a new airport and new landscape agriculture long roadways. these are just some of the projects they took onto make the city beautiful and improve transportation ahead of the commonwealth games. >> very strong move by the
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government to get rid of the filth and show the beautiful and the shining india. >> reporter: a 65-year-old said that includes hiding poor people like her. out of fear i don't go anywhere, just sit here and starve she said. she say beggar and said police detained her for sitting where she always sits as the games approached. she and many of the families inside this shelter say they received a warning from police to stay off the streets. this is normally what you see on the street around some of the venues, little girls, boys, and families selling things or asking for money. on nearly every corner they have disappeared. street balloon seller said that is because they have been told to disappear at least for a month. we have to sit here because the
5:42 pm
police aren't letting us go anywhere. a boy tried to sell balloons and is still in police custody. even some migrant worker says they are being pushed out, even those who have lived there for years because they don't have identification. the shanteys have suddenly been torn down. rabeers were told to go home but when he need you can come back. we tried to get comment on these claims with you our calls weren't returned. the government has long said it respects the rights of the poor. there are laws against begging and sets up structures without permits. while the city will leave lasting improvements in some of the country's poorest people said the mom wealth games have left them with little to
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celebrate. >> comic book fans broke a record by dressing up as their favorite superheros in los angeles. 1580 people dressed in spandex and other super fabrics to dress the record for comic costume wearing. the record may not last. it's the 8th time its been broken in the last four years. they got a cab to see mega mind that features the voice of ll farrell. >> niners have tried to avoid a 0-4 start and we have raiders highlights. . and one giant step. the giants are going where no giant's team has been since 2003. sports wrap is next.
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. good evening. thank you for joining our early deviation of sport wrap. there were so many different situations and possible ways for the giants to get into the playoffs. the easiest path was beating the padres today. this was the third straight game where fans came to the park to see them beat san diego just once. it was one to sanchez, padres on the corner. ludwig, don't touch that. into the threat. tripled in to the bottom of the third. another sanchez, freddy singles home jonathan sanchez. it's 1-0 giants. next batter, huff, he take this is -- kid gets there and yahoo sanchez comes home from first,
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2-0 giants. sanchez five innings, then five relievers. ramirez facing tejada. you can't hit what you can't see. insurance buster posey kind of time. posey heading for muscle beach. his 18th home run of the year to start the 8th inning making 3-0 and that was just for the fans. who else is going to close it out but brian wilson? strike out giants win the national league west. they are in the playoffs for the first time since 2003. padres win 90 games but they miss the playoff its entirely. giants will now host braves for the start of the best of five division series and mark ibanez is there for today's celebration. sanchez set the table for this division clinching game. >> reporter: no doubt about it. it's a good thing as we want to thousand you the early editions
5:48 pm
are out. the clinching party, operation clench is successful. delayed but not denied. sanchez a good thing he did do it because you remember earlier he is the guy who predicted that the giants would sweep the padres in the series earlier this season and as it turns out they win the last game of the year and that's all that really matters. work taking another look. giants in front but not comfortably. posey with a shot that leaves the yard and san francisco able to pad that lead just a bit. this should cap it for posey and rookie of the year honor you would think as the crowd turned it up a notch. then the final out, brian wilson who has been known to make it a little to exciting in the 9th inning for a save comes on and had a 1, 2, 3, inning to put it down. the crowd was absolutely frantic as they watch the giants clench and the division
5:49 pm
title as you said, first -- 2003 and then the scene outside was nothing compared to inside the giant's clubhouse as all the tension is let loose in one big celebration. have a look and a listen. >> a lot of nervous but flies, waiting to see what happens. just been -- just seller this year. i mean i'm just stotterring i'm so excited. able to push forward. >> cool how you all went around the stadium basically thanking the fans. your emotions and thoughts about the support you got this year? >> the season was for the fans. its been seven years since we have seen something like this and its been a roller coaster during this season. to be able to be in this position and then have the fans going nuts, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. >> the fans and your beard right? >> yeah.
5:50 pm
the beard. >> we did a great job keeping this thing and fighting getting to where we are. >> reporter: your first season in the major league and it's a division winner. >> hasn't sunk in i guess. going to enjoy it. get ready to go thursday and hopefully it's one of those thing that happens year after year. i know we will keep working to try to make it happen. >> reporter: i guess in the bottom of the 8th with your home run a little breathing room. your thoughts as you circled? >> i thought i got it pretty good. i wasn't sure. when i saw it go out it was a relief and to give wilson three runs, will be tough. >> reporter: all right. in the giant's clubhouse afterwards. a lot of excitement. i think a lot of relief and credit give tone the padres who
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certainly deserve it. they hung in until the end and that's the team that nobody figured would even be close when this season started. it'll be thursday, the braves coming to at&t as the wild card team from the east. no doubt tim the giant's ace to start game one. from a rather quite at&t right now we will get it back to you fred in the studio. giants taking victory. wouldn't have it differentlyt. was torture right up until the end. all right. i can see you are still smiling. we now that at hand it is coming to san francisco. the braves beat philadelphia today and clenched the wild card spot. the first two games thursday and friday. the other match up, cincinnati visits philadelphia wednesday. the a's finished their season in seattle. kurt with a solo home tore help oakland beat the mariners 4-3. they fib finish 500 to gain
5:52 pm
possession of second place. today the yankees lost so they are the wild card team and will start in minnesota on wednesday,. of course we will have a lot more football and even some golf when we take a short break. we will be back with all of the niners and raiders stuff right after this.
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. atlanta was sports central today. first the braves got the wild card spot action then the falcons come back to beat the niners. niners led almost the entire game today. the offensive coordinator drew up a great first drive. watch difference, keeps his feet and keeps his wit about him. a 12 yard touchdown. falcons asked to review it but you can see he never touched the ground. that is six points. the next play may be the best touchdown of the year for
5:55 pm
the niners. watch him block it, watch taylor catch it and keep both feet in the end zone. is a reason lewis was demoted chose to leave the team. niners, that's all they cored today. falcons tough to beat in the georgia dome. ryans to douglas. both got intercepted twice. it's now 14-13 with less than 90 seconds left. great interception. that should be your game clipper clencher. watch out for white. falcons recover at their own seven yard line. a great play that turns into a frustrating mistake. they put on a 12 play drive. look at rody white. they gain 357 yards of offense today and there is -- matt ryan. game winning 43-yard field goal. the first lead of the game.
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they win 16-14. last time the niners started 0-4 was 2004 when they finished 2-14. today they lead 14-0 in the first and still lost. senate raiders with another tough opponent with a great ground game. houston brought more than one bruceing back. both -- they wore pink for breast cancer awareness but the third string running back, ward, two carries, first touch today a 33-yard touchdown run for him. texas led. michael -- rams it in. two yards out. tied first quarter. 14-7 in the second. raiders quarterback, looks for a fullback. reese a wide receiver in college and looks like one here. 14-14 half time. you say there is a chance. not really. fantasy owners, you know this
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guy, it's foster. he leaves -- didn't even start this game but there is 74 of his 131 yards rushing. texas holds off the raiders. houston rushed for 249 yards, bruce throw two touchdowns and was intercepted twice. oakland 1-3. more rain in newport. that means they will have to play the final 12 singles matches tomorrow. today was a mixed bag. lee westwood, they played against stricker and woods. westward, drills this birdie on ten. giving tiger his worst defeat in match play. one american who has been loving life is ovoerton. he check out the 8th hole. for the eagle.
5:58 pm
yep, boom baby. he and watson lot of the match. mikell mickelson and fowler loose. the year was one five and a half of the possible six points in the third session. sinking a short birdie on 18 to have the hole with sink and europeans go no the final play. united states, usa must win seven and a half of tomorrow's 12 points to retain the ryder cup. that's sports for this sunday night. giants in the playoffs. what a relief. >> that's right. way to go. >> thank you. thank you for watching. we will see you back here tonight at ten. >> goodnight.
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